Our Enquiry Policy

Those who understand private client legal services will appreciate that it is based on individual circumstances and needs – since we are all individuals, one size definitely does not fit all – Previn Doshi, pwdlaw director.

pwdlaw does not offer a set list of prices for work.  Instead, it is our aim to offer you a made-to-measure fixed cost before we begin any work for you.   The reason that we offer an upfront and bespoke fixed cost, is due to our belief that standard fees result in different levels of value being provided for the same cost, which often proves unfair.

Please don’t worry, we try to make speaking to us as comfortable as possible and our objective is to leave you feeling helped and informed by being as clear and informative as possibleIf, at the end of any discussion, you simply don’t want to go ahead, we won’t mind at all. 

So that we can add value by providing you with a fixed cost offer for our services, we obviously make a time investment in considering your personal position.  It is therefore possible that, at the end of any discussion, we can provide you with such guidance as is realistically and reasonably possible, without the need for you to actually engage us and pay any costs.

Since we might provide ad hoc guidance to you without taking you on as a client, we may ask you for personal details before any enquiry is discussed in detail.  This is to assure us that your enquiry is genuine and that we can manage risk by keeping a record of our discussion.  It also lets you know that our interest in you is genuine and personal.

We would like to reassure you that your personal details will never be released by us to any third party or used for marketing purposes (unless it is your express intention to receive updates from us on legal news and events), they are used purely to enable us to be as helpful to you as possible.

We are happy to visit you at home and, if you would prefer this, simply let us know.  If you live in or close to Stroud we do not propose to charge you for travelling to see you at home  (although please note that this subject to what seems reasonable to us).

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