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The way land is owned and used can provide opportunities for the owners to carry out family and succession planning to ensure the best outcomes in terms of minimising taxation, controlling the management of the land and its use on an on-going basis, who benefits financially from the income and when, and whose hands the land itself eventually ends up in.  The process should also reduce as much as possible the likelihood of future family or other disputes concerning the land.

For farmers, sometimes the major hurdle to overcome is the initial commitment to plan for the future since so much of what concerns them is current and time-consuming.  For those wishing to plan for the future, we help farmers and land owners by working hand in hand with professionals such as land agents and the farmer’s accountant(s) to achieve the best practical and technical solutions.  Our role is normally to oversee the process in the round, draft the legal paperwork, your Will and side papers, and ensure that everything dovetails together as it should.  This allows our clients to concentrate on doing what they do best with additional peace of mind. 

Farming operations are often viable businesses and, as with business owners, consideration of a suitable Will and arrangements in case of loss of mental capacity, is an important aspect of planning for the future.

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